Saturday, July 7 0 comments

Book Now In Paperback

Wooing Sam Walker's WidowThe final proof was approved and Wooing Sam Walker’s Widow is now available in print on Amazon and CreateSpace.

Thursday, June 21 0 comments

One Step Closer

My first proof came today. Wow. After all these years of wanting to turn a story into a book, to hold that book in my hands was quite something.

As I expected, it needed some adjustments. It’s very hard to know how the cover will look in terms of light and dark and whether or not the colors will be what you are hoping. I was really happy the color seemed right on, but even after considerable lightening of the original file, hoping to compensate, the cover was still a bit too dark.

I’ve gone through the process of updating and re-uploading files, waiting for their approval which took longer this time, and have ordered another proof. I am hoping when it arrives late this week, I’ll be able to approve the proof and make the book available for purchase.

Saturday, June 16 0 comments

Almost There

The last few weeks have been hectic as I finish up this book project. The manuscript has been formatted and the cover made. There have been so many firsts as Molly helps me navigate all the technical aspects of this self-publishing adventure.

Last minute changes to manuscript and cover files done, I submitted my files to CreateSpace and they were approved which I was thankful for as any number of pesky and time consuming things could have been wrong. I ordered a proof which in itself is pretty exciting. It would be lovely if that first proof is okay. Otherwise I will have to adjust and order a new one, adding more time to the live date of the paperback. We’ll see.

I finished making and uploading eBook copies to Smashwords and Amazon’s Kindle Store. They are both live and available for purchase. If you would like a sample, the first half of the book can be downloaded at Smashwords. Just a few details left now and I can wrap up this phase of this project.

Saturday, April 28 0 comments

The Book Is Written

Finally. The edits will have to suffice. You must stop at some point. I am so anxious to get on with another project. The next story is percolating and waiting, impatiently. I must confess I’ve been so excited about this next phase, turning this manuscript into a book.

Thursday, April 26 0 comments

The Teacher Becomes the Student

My husband and I enjoy the distinct pleasure of having an author for a daughter.  She has been an invaluable help to me in these last months while I’ve been finishing up this book. She is a dedicated, very thorough writer with six published books and the seventh written and in the editing stages. She started writing when she was eight and became determined in her teens to bring her book to publication. She has since become a successful independent author with her own publishing company. The path she traveled to get there was hard-won, taking a great deal of self-teaching and learning about her craft and the ins and outs of self-publishing. I have benefited greatly from all she has learned, and I am so grateful for her help.

Tuesday, April 24 0 comments

A New Indie Author

I love to write. I have always loved it, and though I have needed to set my writing aside from time to time through the years, while raising three children and home schooling each of them through high school, I have always wanted to become a published author. Writing is what I do. When I'm not writing, I long to be writing.

I'm also a DIY kind of girl. Self-publishing is right up my alley. I am about to begin self-publishing my first book, Wooing Sam Walker's Widow. Just the thought of that causes a leap in my heart! along with a crazy amount of apprehension. Will anyone even like this story? But in the end, this is something I've longed for, worked hard for, and I am so excited to be able to do it. That alone is pretty fabulous. Smile